Introduction of G&H Carbide End Mills

Time: 2019-09-10
Summary: G & H offers complete selections of solid carbide end mills for many milling applications. Tools are available for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations and for almost any material. The company provides the best solutions for stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, aluminum and HRSA alloys.

Solid Carbide
End Mills

G & H offers complete selections of solidcarbide end mills for many milling applications. Tools are available forroughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations and for almost any material.The company provides the best solutions for stainless steel, titanium, Inconel,aluminum and HRSA alloys.

G & H solid carbide end mill products areproduced from a high quality carbide grade with optimized grinding process andtop PVD coating. The high quality places the company incisively in the globalmarket, die & mold, aerospace, medical, power generation and generalmachining industries.

G & H’s family of FMR, Fast Metal Removal, is comprised of high techsolid carbide cutting tools based on the newest submicron carbide technologyand tool coatings. These tools are well-suited for high speed machining, themachining of hardened material up to 60 Rockwell range and even dry machining.In addition to superior substrates and coatings, G & H offers these toolsin a unique ‘shredder’ style rougher geometry. These tools reduce chipthickness and size and promote higher feed rates than conventional solidcarbide tools.

The solid carbide end mills family comes in the full range of endmillconfigurations for ball nose, flat bottom, center cutting and rampingapplications. A variety of stub lengths, long lengths, helix angles and flutecombinations are available. The tools feature the MC08 submicron carbidesubstrate for greater strength and performance. Coatings used on the solidcarbide end mills are designed specifically for demanding applications.

The heart of the solid carbide end mills is the unique submicron carbide usedto make them. Conventional carbide end mills most often use what is known as‘micro grain carbide’. In this condition, the particles of carbide in thematerial approach approximately a micron in size. This structure produces avery tough material that is not prone to breakage under normal cuttingconditions. However, in order to remain strong, it loses hardness. This limitsthe hardness of the material that it is able to cut and the heat that it isable to withstand. The new submicron carbide used in solid carbide end millshas transverse rupture strength of over 580,000 PSI. [4 MPa] This makes themeven stronger than high speed steel and they are the hardest of all carbidesproduced. There is a high hardness for machining at elevated temperatures andmachining hardened materials. At the same time there is excellent strength inthe material for superior chip loads and depths of cut. The submicron microstructurealso allows for sharper and more uniform cutting edges.

The solid carbide end mills line is available with the latest PVD titaniumaluminum nitride coating in grade MC93. This coating is specifically made forhardened material or dry machining, with excellent thermal properties. Itresists heat transfer into the tool and provides superior tool life. Othertools designed for machining nonferrous materials such as aluminum areavailable with large chip gullets and polished to reduce chip welding.

In high metal removal applications a major concern when working with carbideend mills is double-cutting chips. This is usually fatal to the tool. G & H’ssolid carbide roughers provide a solution to this problem. The serrated cuttingedge produces a fine hair-like chip that can be easily blown or flushed fromthe cutting zones. The reduced pressure in the cut permits a significantlyhigher feed rate. As feed rates increase, cycle times decrease. When cycletimes are lower, profits are higher.

The new solid carbide end mills products from the Fast Metal Removal productfamily are designed for today’s manufacturing. Improved carbide substrates,coatings and geometries will help to meet the demands of better performance andto increase profits.


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